Teams of 3 compete in a 10 week league in a battle of the best.

Who’s Team will it be?

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“The atmosphere during the X-League is amazing and it is a great way to spend a week day night. Our team will definitely be joining each new season!”

Peter Nolan

X-League America Champion

Teams battle head to head in a 10 week, handicaped, matchplay format on the world’s best virtual golfing simulators. Does your team have what it takes to be crowned the X-League Champion?

“X-Golf’s amazing technology has really helped my game improve and I look forward to the continued competitions.”

Paul Lynch

X-Golf Member

X-LEAGUE - Frequently Asked Questions

A non-refundable Team Registration fee of $60 will be due at the time of sign-up ($20 per team member for a team of 3) This will secure a team’s spot in the upcoming league.  This fee can be collected in person or over the phone but must be paid in order to register and secure your team in the league.  Each league player is responsible for paying their entire league entry fee of $200 prior to play on Week 1 and must be paid in advance of playing the first match.

If a player has previously played in an X-Golf League, their handicap and historical scoring information will be saved and can be used in the upcoming season.  If a player is new to X-Golf Leagues, he or she will need to record scores from a minimum of two, 9-hole rounds to establish their X-Golf Handicap. The two, 9-hole rounds at a minimum, will be played on the front and back-9 of Pebble Beach.  If no handicap has been established prior to the first league match, the player’s handicap will be zero to start the league.

The lowest handicap player on each team will be designated the “A” player, the middle handicap player will be designated the “B” player, and the highest handicap player will be designated the “C” player. Each team of three will rotate playing the other teams of three throughout the season according to the published schedule.

League schedules will be generated prior to the first week of league play. Each matchup is a 3 v 3 stroke play match worth a total of 4 points possible. Players will be matched up based on their current handicaps. For example, the best player on each team will play against each other. League matches are worth a total of 4 points. Each individual match is worth 1 point and there is an additional 1 point available for a team victory. Matches are stroke play and handicapped. *Mixed couples leagues will be 2 v 2 stroke play match worth a total of 3 points.

If a player is unable to make their designated league night, they may pre-play* their round up to one week in advance.  They must inform the staff or league director that they are pre-playing their league round, follow all league play rules, and are responsible for having staff record their final 9-hole score.  As an alternative option, the team can have a substitute player to take their place.  All substitutes will play as a zero handicap unless they have a previously established X-Golf Handicap.
  • **Normal simulator rental rates apply to all rounds being pre-played outside of the designated league schedule.
  • ***Make-up rounds will not be allowed once a player’s designated league night has passed.